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Perry Green, PGA

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A PGA member since 1982, Perry Green earned the PGA Specialty Certification in Instruction. Perry's students range from beginners to professionals from ages 4 to 85. Several of Perry's former students have gone on to become PGA members themselves. Perry utilizes the latest digital computer video analysis equipment from JC Video Systems to assist during instruction. As a player, Perry won the 2005 Illinois PGA Senior Masters Golf Tournament.

Recent Golf News

Ted Bishop, with help from his daughters, tries to repair damage done

25 Oct 2014 19:47:44 Z

Ted Bishop was in a philosophical mood on Saturday morning. Stripped of his PGA presidency but not his PGA membership, Bishop went to work at Legends GC in Franklin, Ind., to oversee a Ryder Cup...

Wedge company forges new ground with its RxF forged offering

25 Oct 2014 19:47:44 Z

For designer Bob Renegar, it has long been about how the wedge moves through the turf. His clubs use a sole shape with a low leading edge and higher bounce on the trailing edge....

The Interviews They'd Like Back

25 Oct 2014 19:47:44 Z

Bad jokes, snubs, and fits of brutal honesty in golf history that have merited a mulligan.

In wake of Poulter comments, PGA of America makes radical decision to remove Ted Bishop from office

25 Oct 2014 19:47:44 Z

Ted Bishop's tumultuous tenure as PGA of America president will not go the full two years. In the aftermath of Bishop's head-scratching comments about Ian Poulter, the PGA announced Friday that its Board of Directors...

From the looks of it, Ted Bishop's apology tour could get a little bumpy

25 Oct 2014 19:47:44 Z

Ted Bishop has shown during his tenure as PGA of America president he knows how to stoke the flames of controversy. With less than a month left in his two-year term, he now must...

Book Review: Draw in the Dunes -- The 1969 Ryder Cup and the Finish that Shocked the World

25 Oct 2014 19:47:44 Z

Each week GolfDigest.com will highlight a golf book that it finds of interest to readers. This week is: Draw in the Dunes: The 1969 Ryder Cup and the Finish that Shocked the World, by...

Why it's worth watching the Asia-Pacific Amateur this weekend

25 Oct 2014 19:47:44 Z

When the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship was created in 2009 -- dangling the carrot of an invitation into the Masters for the winner -- the belief was that Australian golfers would be the biggest beneficiaries....

Fitness Friday: Two easy core exercises you can do at home

25 Oct 2014 19:47:44 Z

Many people think of the core as solely the abdomen muscles. But there are literally dozens of muscles that help stabilize the body and allow it to move powerfully and athletically. It's better to think...

PGA president Ted Bishop defends Faldo, calls Poulter ‘lil girl’

25 Oct 2014 19:47:44 Z

PGA of America president Ted Bishop, no stranger to controversy, entered another one via Twitter on Thursday, lashing out at Ian Poulter and calling him “lil girl” for comments he made about Nick Faldo in...

Bill Murray's newest pair of outrageous golf pants have Ellen DeGeneres' face on them (really)

25 Oct 2014 19:47:44 Z

Bill Murray's outlandish wardrobe has become part of his celebrity persona, one he likes to push the limits with whether making public appearances promoting his movies or out on a golf course enjoying his...

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